The Mincing Mockingbird Book: Had I But Hands to Put About Your Throat

Mincing Mockingbird

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"Had I But Hands To Put About Your Throat: The Paintings of The Mincing Mockingbird Volume IV" continues the series of beautifully made fine art books collecting the avian artwork of Matt Adrian.

This 160 page hardcover collects Adrian's recent bird portraits and their signature titles, including She Never Looked Lovelier Than When Stumbling Up To A Late Night Drive Thru And Starting An Altercation and An Unexpected And Extremely Heated Argument With Her Amazon Echo Regarding Flushable Wet Wipes Had Left Her Shaken And UnnervedThe exterior is clothed in a full color dust jacket and the interior collects over 100 lush, faithfully reproduced minimalist portraits of birds, from the smallest hummingbirds to the mighty golden eagle. This book is a bracingly original combination of art and language that is haunting, gorgeous, literate, weird—and very, very funny. Makes a great gift! 

11.25" x 8.75"

160 pages