50 Travel Tips From a Local: Charlottesville, Virginia

50 Travel Tips From a Local: Charlottesville, Virginia

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With travel tips and culture in our guidebooks written by a local, it is never too late to visit Charlottesville. Great Than a Tourist: Charlottesville by Reed Willard offers the inside scoop on Wahoo Country. Most travel books tell you how to travel like a tourist. Although there is nothing wrong with that, as part of the "Greater Than a Tourist" series, this book will give you candid travel tips from someone who has lived at your next travel destination. 

This guide book will not tell you exact addresses or store hours, but instead gives you knowledge that you may not find in other smaller print travel books. Experience cultural and culinary delights and attractions with the guidance of a Local. Slow down and get to know the people within this invaluable guide. By the time you finish this book, you will be eager and prepared to discover new activities in Charlottesville. 

Inside this travel guide book you will find: 
- Visitor ideas and information from a Local
- Tour ideas and inspiration
- Valuable guidebook information

Greater Than A Tourist - A Travel Guidebook with 50 Travel Tips from a Local. Slow down, stay in one place, and get to know the people and culture. 

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