Gray Malin: 50 Postcards (Postcard Book)

Gray Malin: 50 Postcards (Postcard Book)


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A giftable book of 50 postcards featuring Gray Malin’s most popular images

Gray Malin: 50 Postcards is a deluxe little hardcover book containing 50 removable cards. The postcards feature some of the photographer’s most popular images of aerial views, gorgeous beaches, and blue skies festooned with helium balloon messages. An accessibly priced format for Gray’s aspirational brand, these versatile postcards are perfect for those who want to pin Gray’s images on inspiration boards, send a piece of snail mail to a friend, or enclose a card with flowers or a gift.


Gray Malin is a photographer best known for his aerial beach photography, which he has transformed into a lighthearted, conversation-igniting, joyful brand. His work’s sense of adventure and escapism has turned him into a household name. He lives in Los Angeles.

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