Cavallini & Co. Cotton Apron - Herbarium

Cavallini & Co. Cotton Apron - Herbarium

Cavallini Papers & Co.

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Cavallini & Co. Herbarium Cotton Apron features reproductions of vintage scientific images, complete with scientific names. The detailed images stand out on the dark background. All aprons have an adjustable neck strap, long waist strap (making it easy to tie), and a divided front

Cavallini & Co. 100% natural cotton aprons make wonderful gifts... to a friend or for yourself! Bright, colorful, and useful aprons feature vintage images from the Cavallini archives printed on natural cotton. Aprons come packaged in a hand- sewn muslin bag, making them the perfect gift, ready for giving. Cavallini & Co. natural cotton aprons measure approximately 28" wide by x 34" long.

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