Seattle Chocolate Truffle Assortment - Sky's the Limit

Seattle Chocolate

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Inspired by the untold stories of World War II, the limited-edition 12oz Sky’s the Limit Truffle Bag celebrates brave efforts and emboldens us all to take risks and imagine the possibilities!

Share the love and gift this festive mix of colorful truffles as an encouragement and a celebration of a well-deserved achievement that may go unrecognized, or for someone about to embark on a new adventure, graduation, or new job.

Bag contains a mix (about 39 truffles) of sweet and salty San Juan Sea Salt, rich and smooth Dark Chocolate, creamy Milk Chocolate, and Blackberry Crème (fresh freeze-dried blackberries in creamy white chocolate enrobed in dark chocolate). Truffle wrappers are fully compostable.

Illustrations were created by Libby VanderPloeg a Midwest-based artist. Her work drifts between art, pop, and meme culture, exploring her relationship to feminism, activism, aesthetic ideals, and daydreamy pursuits of happiness.

Made in United States of America.

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